Songke Manggarai, The One of Ikat Weaving from Flores

The local people (Manggaraian) call the ikat weaving from Manggarai with Songke. That's one of beauty handycraft from Flores which have high difficulties.
Songke !
Every region in Indonesia has their own ikat weaving, such as Ulos from Batak. But in East Nusa Tenggara, every regency has their own ikat weaving, such as Ende, Timor, Sumba, Maumere. Every craft has a different model, type, function, and purpose.
I did on job training at PLN Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Flores, and i got a lucky chance to visited the World heritage of Flores, Wae Rebo. It's so far from Labuan Bajo, but i struggle to did it.That's rare chance, may i'll never got it again !
I've felt comfortable with this ancient site. All the peoples are humble and friendly. I bought their handycraft, that's a songke, 500000 IDR, it's kinda expensive i think. -_-
 Songke interested me, it's so colorfull, and has unique theme, dominant in black because it's mean humble. Mama (women who's live at Wae Rebo) made it (ikat weaving) more less 3 months ! Wow! how patient they are...i shall gave them four thumbs up ! Yey!
Me? Just for fashion !
Caci fight dancer, wears Songke
At usuall, local people wear songke when they dancing (ex Caci fight) , attending the traditional ceremonies, and obituary. Now i have a Songke, for what? Just for fashion and collect all ikat weaving from Indonesian !

Caci fight dancer picture source :

Unesia Drajadispa

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