Spent A Night at Surabaya's Heritage Site !

My friend at Deutschkurs (called Frau Ayu), have a good and super idea for us (member of Deutschkurs) to spent Saturday night ! 
We gathered at Zangrandi Ice Cream. Zangrandi Ice Cream is one of heritage site in Surabaya, placed on Pemuda's Street, (near Balai Pemuda). We did silly jokes and ordered some ice cream and pizza, it took time more less 2 hours.
My Tuna Pizza :)

Ice cream with red cherry on the top !
I ordered tuna pizza and chocolate ice cream with red cherry on the top, astor, raisin and chocolate powder poured onto vanilla's ice scoop. Sure, it's so yummy. Yeah, i think at Zangrandi we aren't only spent time, but also money ! Haha, we're enjoy our adolescent time ! It can't repeat twice, can it?
Satay ice cream :3
After that, Frau Ayu didn't wanna back home, she wanna walk around Pemuda Street where's full of Surabaya's heritage site and we can took unique photos here, :D (Feels back to the past time :D)
Before we did footwalk, we pray for Maghrib at the mosque near of  Balai kota, and than, Frau Ayu said that she want to take picture at the fountain in front of Balai Kota. All of us agree with Ayu's decision, because we have same opinion that's better to spend along this night together!

So, we take photo here ! Dancing fountain !
Dancing fountain and colorfull lights ! Lalalalala ~
The water splash alternately, up and down with colorfull lights. It's so wonderful :D
We took many photos here, like childhood. If you visited Surabaya, don't forget to visit balai kota. At night, that's have collorfull lamps effect!

Finally, it was wonderful night and unforgettable ::D

Unesia Drajadispa

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