Show for IARC

Look at my face and legs ! - so silly
14th July 2012, i was performed my best for "Industrial Automation and Robotic Competition" (IARC) at Robotic Building, ITS.
My friend coerced me to did this. I very surprise, i didn't ready for it before. How could it be? What would i do to made all audience really has a "first impression" from my performance?
Heah, i'm very worried. :(

But i never gave up, always try and let me practice until midnight, swear! I'm so tired, but finally i could do my best as possible i can. :)

I sweat out at stage, but try to forget it all, think that nobody else in this room. ONLY ME.
Yeah, my heart keep tremble everytime, its national competition, and it was my first performance!

5 minutes later, i could play my "Canon in D" as long as i can. Nervous and worried if there's one of audience can play violin better than me..hehehe.
Although there's some notes discordant, never make the rythm became messy. Alhamdulillah... :)
Try to be confident and keep smile. Thanks for your applause. :D

Unesia Drajadispa

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