Roasted Corn, yEaH ! (* ≧ ▽ ≦)

Everyweek, usually my class held an event (little event, maybe) called "KUMAT" > KUMpul bermanfaAT to increase our solidarity...hehe :D
Yesterday hold on Taman Flores, at 7.30 pm until drop. Unfortunately, not all my friends can join this, (perhaps they've more important event than this) :( .
During our little event, we do little jokes, silly game, sharing and make some planning for our class.
Beside that, we ate two roasted corns ! and it’s free ! My friend (as responsible person for this episod),  did a sweet sacrifice for us. As you know, the roasted corns divided onto two session. First session for sweet corns, and second session for hot session. All is free (include fresh water).’s really a sweet sacrifice, isn’t it?! 
I owe to ya !

And my stomach scream loudly (but only me can hear it) “Gimme more! It’s soooo delicious :D”
Night wind blow slowly, make me so sleepy. But it won't decrease our spirit to take many photos here ! 

Unesia Drajadispa

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