Marhaban Ya Ramadhan – Wilkommen Ramadhan 1432 Hijriah

One year have passed, and now we back to Ramadhan, yeah, i mean face this holy month again. In this fasting month, all moslem in the world pray to Allah SWT, to erase our sins a year before. Yeah, it’s great month!!
At usuall, me and my family (not only us, but also all moslem) do Tarawih after we eat. But yesterday, i’m not tarawih in musholla near of my house, i invite my father to do tarawih in the biggest and greatest mosque in this world ! (haha..just kidding) . I invite him to tarawih in biggest mosque in my city. Me and my father go to the biggest mosque (Anas Mahfud) at 6.15 pm, we worry if we’ll late, because the distance from my house more less 5 kilometers during 15 minutes. My father drive with normal velocity, without acceleration (enjoy Lumajang’s air in Ramadhan). You can imaginary how far the distance.
Beside Anas Mahfud, i want to tarawih in other big mosque in Lumajang, yeah, to change the situation because everyday i do this in musholla near my house (make me so bored)
the situation...
After tarawih, every person will back home..
I’ll try to tarawih in the oldest mosque, it’s near from my house. So, it’s not only tarawih, but also vacation, isn’t it?
After we do this during 29-30 days, we back to Fitri, back to holy and happines like a born of a baby, like white paper without ink, and the others! Idul Fitri at 1st Syawal. Like a tradition, We visited our family, neighbourhood, our teacher, bestfriend to make an appointment. I hope Idul Fitri at 1432 H will not be the last for me.

Sehr angenehm,

Unesia Drajadispa

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