Surahoney Bridge.... (part 2)

[I give a high appreciate to eigneer and arsitec who's built SURAMADU Bridge...]

Auoooo .......(Tarzan girl screamed) I come again !!! Ehehehe….better I didn’t join Flag ceremony @ my school to commemorate Indonesia Independent Day….than I didn’t go to SURAMADU…
(Cz my grandma’s home near with SURAMADU location, so, it’s a best opportunity…)

It’s very LUCKY….Photobucket
When I went to SURAMADU @ 17th August 2009, it’s very silent, not crowded (yes of course!!). So…my car run slowly, only 40 km/hour. Actually, in SURAMADU we must riding our car 60 km/hour or motorcycle 40 km/hour (minimum velocity)
Why?? Cz I wanna enjoyed the scenery !!
When I opened my cars window, bruuushhh…woeemilkysmile…the wind hit my head ! it’s second time I went to SURAMADU. First time I went to SURAMADU @ midnight, so, I couldn’t enjoy it.
The best CHANCE……
I saw @ SURAMADU bridge nothing Police did their activities (Patroli), maybe they still joined flag ceremony. And when my car ran through “BENTANG TENGAH” (the center of SURAMADU bridge) I saw there’s many cars stop here. Hmmm……I know it’s restricted, but…it’s a unique chance. In Indonesia Independent Day, maybe we given a FREEDOM !! Qaaqaqaqa….
So, I stop and I take a picture in BENTANG TENGAH…
Huhuhu…it’s a better chance which never I’ll get it again !!

It’s a real FACT that I really-really ever went to SURAHONEY BRIDGE !!

Bentang Tengah in Actions....

The silent road....(i take it from car..)

Unesia Drajadispa

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