She’s Candidate Of Vanessa Mae In Future [maybe]

(This story not contains arogant and proud element) you see a photo in this story ???? (ugh...silly question!!) Of course!!! Who’s dont have eyes??? huhuhu.... fact i want to upload the picture which the picture there's me play violin...but..the capacity is too big..(3 mb) so....i change it.Lets see... That is... my violin. My hobby is play violin, since at fifth grade in Elementary School....
I’ve wish...i wanna continue the struggle of Vanessa Mae. But....its very impossible i think... i join the violin course just eight month!! After that...i out. Why??? Now, i’m in 11th grade, and i choose Science program. You know that if we choose Science program...Oh My GOD !! i always get migrain everyday...i always get bad mark (but not always i think....just often) Physics...Chemistry...Math....everyday i meets them. Almost make me mad. So...i must join Physics, English, Chemistry course to repair my mark. Its one of reason why i’m out from violin course and we shall give it UNDERLINE, because its most important reason. But...i ever join a concert at my city, only once in my lifetime.
I still remember, play violin (me) ever become a hidden talent. For 3 years, i never touch and thought about my violin, although only one minutes!!! little violin...just silent in my storage, very grievous. But...when i’m in Senior High School...suddenly, rise my new expectation to find back my hidden talent...i join violin course again!!!
I love instrumental music...and i like classic music, Tocatta and Fugue, Moonlight Sonata....etc. I recognize violin from Vanessa Mae casette. When i watch it....i feel i find my new inspiration...i will well known if i can play violin!!! I think that. December 2003, i bought a new violin in Surabaya. I’m very happy that moment....i bought 4/4 classic violin, Skylark Brand and made in China, a moment, everything can change, the violin is too long for me!! Because i still 9 years old!! father exchange my new violin with new violin but the quality is worse than Skylark Brand, i’m so sad... :( buy a new violin !! the colour is green and electric.....the price is Rp1300000,00. story about my struggle will end now.....Dont give up to try become a ‘new’ Vanessa Mae!! Still some chance in front of me!! Why not???

26 September 2008

Unesia Drajadispa

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