Fireworks party at Sunday, 25th August 2008

Sunday, 25th August ’08, at 07.00 pm, there is hold fireworks party at Lumajang Townsquare. You know why? Because for celebrate our national day. My father & my brother invited me to watched it, but i refused. I said that tomorrow i will get Chemistry test, it’s my reason. I repent it, but i’ll repent myself away if i accept that invitation but my mark in Chemistry test worst in my class. Of course i can decide which is better for me.

Very crowded!! I think it. The sound of fireworks could reach until my house, although the distance is more less 5 km. ‘Bumm.....Duuar...’ Like that. I can imaginated that the fireworks like the flower blooms at night sky. It’s very beautiful, more than beautiful.

“We will watch it in cemetery,” My father yelled. I’m surprised. “What?? Cemetery? It’s very frightened!! Like Chemistry or Physics!!” My father’s reason that in cemetery is silent. I know, but i’m ver afraid with ‘DARK’ Hmmm.... brave man! I think they’ll watch fireworks party at cemetery with some ghost.


Wrote by Une @ 8 pm

Alone @ my home....

Unesia Drajadispa

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