Their Opinion about me !!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

They think that i'm FRANCE girl!!
Coz my name is UNE, and Une taken from FRENCH, mean one. I ever happy, i still remember when i went to Bromo last year, i spoke with France. They couldn't spoke English. So, i'm very confused. "What will i say?" But i ever rread in some book about France Conversation. I only could say 'Tu t'appelle comment?' and she replied 'Anis' and than i replied 'Bonjour, Je m'appelle Une'. After she heard my name, she looks surprised and say 'Une??' Oh My God, whats wrong with my name??

I just ordinary girl, but they say i'm unique girl!!
Coz i love physics although never get good mark. Then all my friends dislike about Physics! i love violin, i can play it. It's my hobby. But i think it's not unique talent. Many peoples can plays violin, and they cleverer than me. I think almost all teenage prefer plays guitar or piano. I like classic music, then almost all teenage in 21st century like emo, punk rock, pop music.
I always feel sad, coz i feel that i'm stupidest girl, can't reach my dream although i've studied hard. Or...perhaps i forget to pray?? But they say i'm clever girl!! I doubt it.

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